Ignite Game Technologies announces online racing sim, SimRaceway

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Simraceway opens this fallIgnite Game Technologies just announced its newest online simulation game site,

Players who want to experience the Indy racing circuit when it goes live can visit the site and register for up-to-date information about SimRaceway to include the release date of the beta access.

As an added bonus for those players monitoring the beta access date, when the site goes live Fall 2011, players may find themselves racing against a top Indy drivers such as the recent Indianapolis 500 champion racer, Dan Wheldon, who looks forward to meeting and racing players online.

“This is a fun project to be involved with, and not just another racing game,” he said. “Of course, the real excitement will come when I start racing users live online.”

The game will focus on live, person-to-person racing by utilizing highly accurate simulation grade driving physics as well as proprietary middleware, for player skill qualifications to matching racers by skill level. To create an online environment that all racing fans regardless of their skill level can enjoy according to CEO of Ignite Game Technologies, Jonathan Haswell.

“Simraceway’s goal is to provide a live, online racing experience that amateurs, pros, and everyone in between, will love,” Haswell said. “Gamers can compete with the likes of the Dan Wheldon, IndyCar’s top driver, on a laser-sharp replica of the race course. We are really looking forward to sharing the experience with Gamertell’s audience.”

Here’s a snap shot of the course and car one can find in the game when it goes live:

Shot of the course in Ohio
A shot of one of the cars in the game

Image Source: Ignite Game Technologies

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    For those who are fans of Wheldon, he died of head injuries as a result of an 18-car pile up at the Vegas Speedway. :( Tributes can be made at