Goodbye glossy Xbox 360s!

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Glossy Shiny Black 250gb Xbox 360If you like your Xbox 360s shiny, then you better make sure you hurry up and buy one, if you don’t have one already. That kind of model is now old news. Microsoft has decided that the future isn’t lustrous, it’s dull. So to match that perspective, all Xbox 360s will be matte.

This news was announced via the official Microsoft Major Nelson blog. The glossy finish people have come to cherish on their Xbox 360s has been discountinued. Now all consoles will be like the 4gb Xbox 360 slim – a flat black. An exact release date for the matte Xbox 360 250gb consoles hasn’t been announced yet, but the blog says the transition from slick to plain will happen a few weeks. I’m guessing the glossy Xbox 360s will be extinct come October.

This means if you want a new Xbox 360 with a shiny black finish, you’d better head out immediately and grab a 250gb Xbox 360. They’re the only ones available with that sheen. The Major Nelson entry points out that the forthcoming 320gb Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect bundle and 320gb Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 bundle will have glossy finishes, but neither of those bundles include glossy black consoles. I suppose if you miss out, you could always just take your chance on a used Xbox 360. But given Xbox 360’s problems with dying and such, I’d recommend going for a new system.

Read [Major Nelson] Via [CNET]

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