Gamescom 2011: There’s a new PSP coming out that’s not the Vita [Updated]

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Sony is not done with the (old) PSP. Before the Vita launches, Sony will be introducing a new PSP that is almost exactly like the models that are currently available. There’s one big difference though. This PSP won’t come with Wi-Fi capabilities.

This new PSP will be released in Europe this fall for €99. That roughly translates to $142. Sony didn’t mention whether this model will be coming to the United States.

SCEE’s soon-to-be president and CEO Jim Ryan said this PSP is the perfect entry level handheld. It will be capable of playing the same games that are currently available, but the lack of Wi-Fi takes away features such as web browsing, game downloads, music streaming and anything internet-related.

Basically, it’s the opposite of the PSPgo.

Update: Sony has confirmed to Kotaku that the PSP E-1000 will only be sold in Europe.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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