Gamescom 2011: Sony drops 160GB PS3 price to $249 [Updated]

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Sony closed out its Gamescom 2011 press conference with a money-saving announcement. Don’t go running out to buy a PS3 yet because the price is about to come down. Effective immediately, the PS3 will now be $249.99 in the United States, €249.99 in Europe and ¥24,980 in Japan. Tell you friends and family to check with retailers if they plan on purchasing a PS3 soon. That extra $50 can be used to scoop up a great game.

The price drop is for the 160GB and 320GB PS3. The 320GB PS3 will now be $299.

Online retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon and Gamestop haven’t dropped the price of the PS3 yet. Do yourselves a favor and don’t pick up a refurbished unit for $249.

Update: In the U.S., a 320GB PS3 with inFamous 2 and 30 days of PlayStation Plus will be $299.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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