Microsoft reveals new Xbox Live features for Windows Phone 7 update

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WP7 Xbox Live

The upcoming software update for Windows Phone 7 dubbed Mango is going to include hundreds of additional features. Some of these features will be implemented into the Xbox Live portion of WP7. Microsoft revealed during Gamescom what some of the Xbox Live enhancements will be in WP7 Mango.

The first new feature is called Game Add-Ons. This is basically Microsoft’s word for microtransactions. A new game called Beards and Beaks will be the first to enable this feature.

Avatars can also be dressed up with items that are rewarded by completing in-game tasks. Microsoft calls this feature Avatar Awardables. This sounds very similar to Avatar Rewards that we’ve been experiencing on Xbox 360 for quite a while. The first game to get Avatar Awardables will be Chickens Can’t Fly.

Parents will also have more control over which kinds of games can be played. There will be mature titles sold for WP7 devices that will not be appropriate for everyone.

Via [Mobile Entertainment]

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