GameStop is testing its cloud gaming service

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GameStop logo GameStop is serious about rolling out its own cloud gaming service. The company purchased Spawn Labs earlier this year to lay the groundwork for this initiative. According to, GameStop is testing streaming PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 games in a closed environment in Austin, Texas.

GameStop is expected to expand its game streaming beta service across the United States before 2011 is over. A formal launch is planned to happen by the middle of 2012. Before the launch, GameStop will detail prices and other important details about its cloud gaming service.

GameStop will stream games through its Spawn client which will be offered to PowerUP Rewards members. Other devices such as smartphones, tablets and a new piece of GameStop hardware will also be able to run the client.

An earlier report stated that purchasers of games from GameStop would get a free cloud-based version of the game.

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