Gamescom 2011: Portal 2 DLC to test subjects in September

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Portal 2

Sometimes, I wonder if Valve is testing us. You know, fan’s devotion and what-not. See, back in April 2011, Valve said it was going to be unleashing some free Portal 2 DLC goodness on the world. People rejoiced, and eagerly awaited more news. New they thought would come swiftly since Valve had given a “summer” release window for said DLC. Well, summer’s nearly come and gone, and Valve’s Doug Lombardi, the company’s marketing director, finally gave a more definite release window at Gamescom 2011. Get ready for more scientific triumphs with portals in September, 2011!

Lombardi dropped that release date bomb on Kotaku at the European games convention. He then went on to say that releasing this free DLC bundle in September isn’t breaking any promises, because it’ll be out before the middle of the month and if people want to nitpick it’s “still technically summer.” You tell them Lombardi.

The first batch of Portal 2 DLC also don’t have a name yet, so you can still keep calling it DLC #1. Once it’s released, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows and Mac gamers will be able to experiment with single and multiplayer Challenge modes, aim for top scores in online leaderboards with said Challenge modes and play through some levels that GlaDOS has been working on the past few months. No matter which version of the game you have, you’ll get the DLC for free too, which is nice. It’s almost better than cake!

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