Twisted Metal will have a murderous Valentine’s Day

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Twisted Metal Dollface

Oh what a sad day it was when David Jaffe announced on the PlayStation Blog that Twisted Metal wouldn’t be releasing in 2011 as we all originally intended. Instead, the game was pushed back to early 2012. How early you ask? Try February 14, 2012.

Twisted Metal will be released on Valentine’s Day. It’s quite ironic how the standard release day for games is Tuesday and that’s exactly when the most romantic day of the year falls in 2012. You can spend the day doing all the lovey-dovey stuff, but when the night comes, it’ll be time to engage in the most unnatural kind of vehicular homicide.

Also, Jaffe teased us with a teaser story trailer for Dollface. You can see the entire announcement video below.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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