Tetris free is now on the Android Market

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Tetris free EA AndroidIf you have an Android device, you no longer have to pay for Tetris. EA Mobile has just decided to list a new product on the Android Market, and it goes by the name of Tetris free. As you can probably guess, it’s a version of Tetris that is slightly scaled back and free.

Tetris free has all of the basics you need to enjoy a good game. You can enjoy a Marathon mode that lets you keep continually playing in the hopes of obtaining an obscenely high score. You can also check your stats from the games you’ve played to see how good you are or aren’t doing. Finally, it’s optimized with touch screen controls so you can solve puzzles with a tap or slide of your fingers.

The only issue seems to be the music. The Android Market description says it has the Tetris theme song, but many of the user reviews say it app doesn’t use the original music. Perhaps EA meant “a” Tetris theme song, and not the one that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Tetris. Anyways, it’s free so I guess people can’t complain too much.

If Tetris free isn’t doing it for you, then there is an alternative. For $2.99 you can get Tetris. It has multiple game modes and power-ups that should make building easier.

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