Vita gets Persona 4: The Golden

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Persona 4Great. Now I have to buy a Vita. See, there’s a new Persona game coming out. rather, it’s an old version with new content. Remember Persona 4? Well, when it comes out on the PlayStation Vita in 2012, it’ll be called Persona 4: The Golden. Yes, it’s Persona 3: FES all over again!

Famitsu had the exclusive Persona 4: The Golden reveal, and mentioned a bit of new content that will be included in this release. Half of it sounds really good, and the other half just sounds like stuff that really wouldn’t make it worth buying again. As for the new stuff we want, there’ll be a character named Marie, more Personas, more events and 3G/Wi-Fi support that lets you ask for help from other Persona 4 players if you’re losing a battle. For stuff we didn’t really need, there’s more character outfits, a new opening, more voice acting and more animated scenes. There’s also an additional “element” that isn’t being revealed yet, but is being hyped up by Atlus as something Persona 4 fans were asking for.

Okay, as long as that extra added “element” isn’t an option to have a female protagonist, I won’t have to buy a Vita to play this. However, ever since Persona 3 Portable, people have been clamoring for an option like that to be added into a new version of Persona 4. Plus, it’s a nice feature that adds a different take on the story. You know, develop different relationships with characters and such.

In other Persona 4 news, a fighting game is also coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and arcades in 2012. It’ll be called Persona 4: The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena. It’s being developed by Atlus and Arc System Works (BlazBlue, Guilty Gear) and has Teddie hosting a brawl with characters from both Persona 3 and 4.

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