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Corpse Party PSP

Are you afraid of the dark? If so, then don’t grab Corpse Party and play it without a light on. XSEED’s just picked up this surprisingly successful Japanese game that uses old school graphics, a creepy soundtrack, supernatural sound effects and a scary story to terrify players. You’ll have to stop by the PlayStation Store in Fall 2011 and download it to see how dark Corpse Party can get.

Corpse Party has a rather interesting history. It was originally a Team GrisGris PC doujin game from Japan, made with RPG maker. The indie developer then did a second release of it 2009 as Corpse Party: Blood Covered, where they optimized some things and added some extra goodies. Then, in 2010, 5pb touched it up a bit more and released it on the PSP as Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear. It did so well that this year a PSP sequel called Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is going to be released. XSEED’s just going with Corpse Party for the North American release.

This is a straightforward, horror game. Don’t let the SNES-style graphics fool you – it’s freaky. Tenjin Elementary was the local school, but strange things happened there. People disappeared and died. SO it was closed and torn down, and the more pleasant Kisaragi Academy High School was built on on top of the locations. That probably wasn’t a good idea, as bad things don’t like to stay buried. When Class 2-9 is cleaning up after a cultural festival an earthquake suddenly hits and when it ends, the students find themselves split up and, somehow, in the dilapidated Tenjin. You then spend an each chapter following Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, Seiko, Mayu, Yuka, Yoshiki, Sakutarou and Ms. Shishido and helping them maybe surviving and escaping the ruins.

Has anyone noticed that, now that the PSP is on it’s last legs, companies are taking chances on more unique games? Aksys picked up Fate/extra and Hakuouki, NIS America’s bringing us Black Rock Shooter and now XSEED has decided to take a chance on Corpse Party. I like where things are going! Maybe there’s still a chance to see English releases of Akibas Trip, Bleach: Heat the Soul, Mon Hun Nikki or Yuusha 30 Second. It does make sense though – with so few games coming out, the few that do get released will get a lot more attention.

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