Dead Nation returns with a new downloadable episode

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Road of Devastation

Many, many PlayStation Network account holders decided to choose Dead Nation as one of their free games in the PSN Welcome Back program. Dead Nation took the all-too popular zombie gimmick in gaming and altered it slightly by playing as a twin-stick shooter. It’s a really fun game and we figured support for Dead Nation had ceased. We were wrong.

Dead Nation will be getting an expansion called Road of Devastation. Housemarque, Dead Nation’s developer, didn’t reveal a release date or price, but it did detail the situation surrounding Road of Devastation.

The expansion may or may not take place after the conclusion of Dead Nation. Housemarque is being dodgy about that fact. Anyway, the DLC involves an organization who experimented on your character in an effort to create a zombie-killing super soldier. The title Road of Devastation comes from the three optional paths you can take at the beginning of the episode. Each path will lead to different areas and enemies.

More information is promised to be revealed soon enough.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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