Eight-year-old gamer shakes up Marvel vs. Capcom 3 scene

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evo 2011A legend was born at the EVO 2011 fighting game tournament. Eight-year old Noah Solis made the Top 48 with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 , schooling many adult players in the process and quickly becoming a fan favorite. Those watching cheered his every combo and booed the winning players when he met defeat. It was a Catch-22 for his opponents. They’d be subject to ridicule if they lost to him but hated if they defeated him.

Pro gaming sponsorship group The Traveling Circus knew a very good thing when they saw it. They’ve signed the young man to a sponsorship that will cover his tournament entries and give him his own clothing line.

The Marvel vs. Capcom games feature an eclectic mix of characters from the decades of history the two companies have. They range from well-known characters including Spider-Man, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and cult favorites Arthur from Ghosts N’ Goblins and Super Skrull. They fight in teams of three, tagging in and out until all three characters are defeated. Solis’ team consisted of Sentinel, Hulk and Albert Wesker.

MvC 3 has tag team combos, moves that automatically launch opponents into the air and a regenerative ability that only works once per match. It’s a lot for a kid to take in, let alone learn well enough to earn a sponsorship.

Solis also plays Super Street Fighter IV and his favorite character in that game is M. Bison. Nearly every pro gamer has a handle. After his impressive EVO exploits, Solis is now known as “Prodigy.” His friends at Traveling Circus have also taken to calling him “The Wizard,” a reference to the Fred Savage movie about a young man with an incredible gift for gaming.

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