Max Payne coming to mobile devices in high definition

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Max Payne 1

Not only did this morning bring news of a Max Payne 3 release window and a multiplayer announcement, Rockstar also revealed it’s bringing back the original Max Payne. No, we aren’t going to see this game a part of a new HD collection. Rockstar is shrinking down Max Payne for mobile devices.

The original game from 2001 is being re-crafted in high definition for use on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Rockstar hasn’t announced which operating systems Max Payne is coming to, but we’d image iOS is a safe bet.

Max Payne for mobile will be able to connect to the Rockstar Social Club and will have customizable controls. At this this point, you may be thinking how customizable controls are even useful on a touchscreen. They usually aren’t, but Max Payne will also have support for wired controllers.

We can’t wait to see what Max’s squinty face will look like on a retina display.

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