You may want to hold off on updating Tiny Wings

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Tiny Wings Tiny Wings recently received an update that was supposed to fix bugs, improve performance and add a few more features. Unfortunately this update has a pretty big bug that could prevent Tiny Wings from booting up. A fix for this update bug has been submitted to Apple, but until that update is released, you may want to think twice about updating.

Yesterday, the release notes for the Tiny Wings update explicitly instructed users to not download the update. Doing so would crash the game and erase all saved data. Today, the release notes have been changed to include a way to work around the game-breaking bug. Tiny Wings still won’t start on its own following the update, but if you change the date on your iOS device, the game should start as normal. After it starts the first time, you can go back into your device’s setting and change the date back.

If you choose to not take the chance with updating, you’ll only have to wait a little while longer for the fixed update to appear. It should be arriving pretty soon.

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