First Max Payne 3 trailer finally released

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Max Payne 3

Rockstar wasn’t kidding said it was going to be revealing a lot more Max Payne 3 details. It started out with a couple screenshots, but we were soon hit with a March 2012 release window. Today, Rockstar released a minute and a half trailer from Max Payne 3 that’s comprised entirely of in-game footage.

The trailer sets up the premise for the game. Max isn’t on the police force anymore, so he takes a job working private security in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While doing his job, a girl gets kidnapped and Max goes off to face the criminal underground to get her back. It’s not the most original setup in the world, but what is these days?

Max clearly hasn’t gotten over the events from the first two games. He’s drinking a lot and turns his nose up at the idea of a good shave. Speaking of shave, this trailer shows Max getting rid of his hair. Don’t worry, he didn’t touch the beard.

Check out the trailer below.

Via [Rockstar Games]

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