Xbox Live will play nice with Windows 8

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Windows 8 Xbox Live

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed a lot of details about Windows 8. The company also released developer preview versions of the new OS for everyone to try. At the same time, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live would be integrated into Windows 8 as well. Developers will be able to create games for Windows 8 that can be tied into Xbox Live as well. An official release for Windows 8 won’t happen for a little while, but the seeds of its capabilities are now being planted.

The image above shows what Xbox Live will look like on Windows 8. Notice how it looks very similar to the upcoming dashboard update for the Xbox 360. This is part of Microsoft’s efforts to unify the user interfaces of Windows 8, Xbox Live and Windows Phone. All three user interfaces will have a look and feel that is unmistakably Microsoft. Windows 8 is also set up to communicate with other compatible Windows devices.

The grid format for the various Windows user interfaces is designed to take advantage of touch screens on mobile devices and larger screens. Kinect may not be touch-based, but its motion controls serves a similar purpose.

We have yet to know specific details about Xbox Live on Windows 8, but we should know a lot more next year.

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