DC Universe Online moving to free-to-play model

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DCUO free to play

The time has finally come for DC Universe Online to ditch the $15 per month subscription fee and adopt the free-to-play business model that so many MMORPGs have flocked to. Starting this October, DCUO will be free for everyone on PC and the PlayStation Network. The entire game will be open for free users, but there will still be a a couple paid tiers that offer additional benefits.

The three tiers are called Free Access, Premium Access and Legendary Access. Free Access players will get all DCUO updates, but won’t get DLC packs.

Premium Access will open up after you’ve spent at least $5 on DCUO content. Premium Access will remain open forever after it’s unlocked. This tier of service will give players more Vault tickets, bank slots, character slots and inventory slots. What’s that you say? You’ve already purchased the game and you want free stuff too? Well early adopters will get Premium Access too.

Legendary Access unlocks everything including downloadable content. This tier will maintain the $14.99 a month fee, but several months can also be purchased at once. If you’re already a lifetime member of DCUO, you’ll get Legendary Access automatically. Also, players who are currently paying the $14.99 monthly fee will also get Legendary Access until DCUO goes free-to-play.

Here are some of the restrictions free players will face. Free players will only have two character slots, 28 inventory slots, zero auction sots, 12 bank slots, a maximum in-game currency of 1500, they can’t create player leagues, they can’t send items through the in-game email system, they’ll get one Vault ticket per week and they can only send six text chat messages in 30 seconds.

We knew this change was coming and suggested Sony Online Entertainment stop mandatory subscriptions by late summer to early fall. SOE made the right choice.

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