Homefront sequel will be built on Crytek’s CryEngine

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Homefront soldier We’ve known about a Homefront sequel for many months, but weren’t too sure who would develop the game ever since Kaos Studios was closed down in June. In a very unexpected turn of events, THQ has revealed Crytek as the new developer for the next Homefront.

Crytek is known for its ability to produce games with stunning graphical fidelity. Anyone who has played the original Crysis will attest to that. Homefront‘s sequel will be built on the latest version of the CryEngine, so you know it’s going to be much more visually stunning than the first game.

We’ll have to wait quite a while before Homefront‘s sequel is released. THQ has given it a fiscal 2014 release window. That means the earliest we’ll be able to purchase this game will be in April of 2013.

Details on the sequel are few, but THQ EVP of Core Games Danny Bilson once said it takes place on the other side of an irradiated Mississippi River.

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