Xbox Live Update for the week of September 18 through 24, 2011

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Xbox live weekly update

Fallout: New Vegas ends its saga this week with the Lonesome Road DLC. We’ll learn what happened with Ulysses, the courier initially slated to deliver the Platinum Chip that got you in so much trouble. We’ve been hearing about this guy since the early stages of New Vegas, so he’s got a lot of explaining to do. It’s 800 Microsoft Points ($10) to learn why this guy shirked his courier responsibilities and got you shot.

Capcom faithful will want to get their hands on Resident Evil 4, now available through Games on Demand. This is a full HD redo, complete with the full 1000 points of Xbox achievements. It commemorates the game’s 15th anniversary- say what, Resident Evil 4 was 15 years ago? I have been gaming a long, long time. Resident Evil 4 is $19.99 and if you have never played this one, it is well worth the price. The controls will feel a little cumbersome to gamers that cut their teeth on Call of Duty. Stick it out though, this is a classic of the survival horror genre.

Burnout Crash takes the addictive mode from the racing games and puts it center stage. The object is different from most car based games, you’re supposed to wreck your car. You try to cause as much damage as possible to build up your score multiplier. It has six different locations, three game modes and a wide selection of 18 crash junctions to unleash chaos. Burnout Crash is 800 MP.

Burnout Crash

Rotastic is a 2D arcade/puzzle game that will have you doing everything from smashing bricks to busting up chickens. Your character has to swing from anchor points while completing these crazy tasks. The single player game has seven worlds and 70 levels. There’s a battle mode and deathmatch for multiplayer options, as well as speed runs to see who can blow through the courses quickest. Rotastic is 800 MP.

Puzzle lovers don’t have to stop with Rotastic. The Deal of the Week is lowered prices on some of XBLA’ s bestselling puzzle games. Bejeweled Blitz Live is just 200 MP, while ilomilo is 400 MP. Gyromancer and Portal:Still Alive both clock in and 600 MP. Tax your brain, but not your wallet, with these deals.

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