PlayStation Network experiencing an outage (update)

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PSN logoBrace yourself PS3 and PSP owners, because something is brewing. Of course, if you’ve tried to log into the PlayStation Network in the past few hours, you’ve already released that. Sony’s PlayStation Network is down, which means no signing in to play games online, browse the internet, view streaming videos or shop at the PlayStation Store. The outage occurred earlier today (September 21, 2011), one day after Sony’s PS3 firmware 3.72 went live.

Sony hasn’t revealed any information on potential causes for this PSN outage yet. The company is aware of it though, and does have technicians working on getting everyone back online again. Both the North American and European official Twitter accounts have commented on the issue, with the European account saying it doesn’t know when the outage will end. The North American account’s first tweet says Sony will keep users updated via Twitter.

This marks the second abrupt PSN outage in a year. The new legendary first outage happened on April 20, 2011, due to hackers breaking into the service to steal account information. The PSN remained down for 26 days, with service resuming country by country for most regions by May 15, 2011. In order to recompense customers for the outage and theft, free PS3 and PSP games, 30 days of PlayStation Plus were offered to all members, with the available free games varying by region.

Well, I’m glad now that I made use I grabbed the free Asagi HD DLC for Disgaea 4 last night and that I’m currently obsessing over an offline game (Atelier Totori). What about you? Is this outage going to put a cramp in your plans for the evening?


Sony has reported via Twitter that the PlayStation Network is now back online in North America and Europe. Get online and start gaming again!

Editor’s Note: This story was updated at 7:45pm CST to report that PSN is back online.

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