Diablo III won’t debut until 2012

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Diablo III
The wait for Diablo III has just gotten a little longer. That late 2011 release date was a bit optimistic it seems, as Blizzard has now released a revised release window. Now, you’ll have to wait for action RPG dungeon crawling until sometime in 2012. The first few months of 2012, if we’re lucky.

While this is pretty much bad news all around, but if you want to look on the bright side, you can think of this as giving you more of a chance to get picked to participate in the Diablo III closed beta. Blizzard’s going to hold a longer Diablo III beta, that covers the entire first act of the game, and people can try and get in on it by creating a account and making sure you have a Blizzard game registered with it. You can go to the Beta Profile Settings, do the System Check for the game and then you’ll opt-in to the beta. There’s probably already a huge waiting list to try and get in early to test it out, but with more time you have a better chance of being picked to play.

The Diablo III beta first began September 20, 2011. Blizzard hasn’t announced more about the beta testing or launch date, but has said the Diablo III site will always have the most pertinent and up-to-date information. So if more people are added to the beta or a new testing phase is added, you’ll see it there first. When it is available, Windows and Mac players will be able to buy it for $59.99.

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