Sony shows off first-person shooter and poker title for PlayStation Home

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Sony announced a major change is in store for PlayStation Home back in August. Home will be completely re-imagined as a destination centered on social games. Home will be broken down into districts that cater to certain kinds of games. For instance, there will be an Adventure District and an Action District. Among the games in the Action District is a first-person shooter called Bootleggers.

According to Shacknews, Bootleggers is a free FPS that doesn’t buy in to the “play-for-free” model a lot of social games are adopting these days. Everything about Bootleggers will be free. Sony wants to focus on getting gamers into Home as opposed to charging them money for a full experience.

Bootleggers will put your Home avatar into multiplayer combat without needing to wait in a line. Waiting in a real line to play a game is certainly something that hindered the PlayStation Home gaming experience.

Another game that isn’t nearly as violent is about poker. It too will be completely free.

The new PlayStation Home will launch sometime in the fall.

Via [Shacknews]

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