6 good games to play to get into the Halloween spirit

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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair for PS3

It’s pretty much become a tradition here at Gamertell to offer up suggestions of newly released, Halloween-y games every time October rolls around. You know, for the people who are trapped at home, doling out candy instead of out trick or treating or partying. I mean, it’s not like you can just sit by the door, waiting and hoping for people to come by so you can toss candy at them. You need something to fill the downtime. A new video game with a spooky theme or seriously scary premise can help with that.

So, here are six suitable games to kill some time. Sure, they may not really scare you, but they’ve got the right feel to them. Whether you’re a console, computer or portable gamer, you’ll be covered and find something that will make your month better.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Price? $14.99
Platform? PS3, Xbox 360
Premise? This is a multiplayer Castlevania adventure where up to six players band together online as iconic heroes and heroines from the series in order to hunt down Dracula and other bosses in their lairs within 30 minutes. You can also read a Gamertell review here.
Scary? Not at all, though the price of all the DLC is a little unsettling.

The Dark Meadow
The Dark Meadow
Price? $5.99
Platform? iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Premise? You’re trapped in the dilapidated Montclair Hospital, and can only escape if you defeat the witch who lives there. To survive, you must fight her minions and explore to learn the truth about this place.
Scary? I haven’t experienced a truly scary handheld game yet, but it does seem a little unnerving and like it captures the horror-spirit.

Dark Souls
Price? $59.99
Platform? PS3, Xbox 360
Premise? Within the first few minutes of playing Dark Souls, your character dies. He or she is now a Hollow, an undead shell thrown in an asylum, and must fight and travel to find a cure for the Hollow affliction.
Scary? In a way. What’s really scary about it is you know your character is going to die, repeatedly, despite your best efforts. And all those losses and powerful monsters will haunt and taunt you in your dreams.

Dead Island

Dead Island
Price? $59.99
Platform? PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC
Premise? A zombie outbreak has occured on the resort island of Banoi, and players step into the shoes of Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan or Purna to survive.
Scary? Nope. A little gory, yes, but it it’s really more of an action/survival game with beat’em up elements.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove
Price? $39.99
Platform? 3DS
Premise? A little girl named Gabrielle sneezed so hard, her soul flew out. Now she’s in Monster Town, making friends with monsters and dancing to get her soul back.
Scary? I can not imagine any scenario in which Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove would possibly be considered scary.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Price? $39.99
Platform? PSP
Premise? Some school kids test the urban legend that calling your own cell phone will summon the Joker to grant you a wish, but it turns out the Joker has a grudge against Tatsuya, Lisa and Eikichi. The three kids and their friends get the ability to summon personas (spirits) and fight against the dark rumors coming true in their town. Gamertell’s reviewed it.
Scary? No, but the idea of rumors coming true if enough people hear them is pretty cool.

So, do any of them sound appealing to you? If there were any horror or Halloween-ish games that have been released recently that were missed, tell us about them in the comments.

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