Xbox 360 TV service announcements could come next week

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Xbox new Dashboard A little over a week ago, sources for Digiday said Microsoft was in talks with Verizon and Comcast to deliver a television service on the Xbox 360. The sources said the Xbox 360 would take the place of a traditional cable box and will allow customers to purchase television services on the fly. A new report from Bloomberg backs up those claims and says announcements could be made sometime next week.

Bloomberg’s sources said Microsoft is also in discussions with nearly 24 television, movie, and sports content providers in the United States and Europe. Among the content providers listed are HBO, Bravo, Syfy, Lovefilm and Crackle.

Things become a little tricky in regards to the Verizon FiOS and Comcast partnerships. Apparently, customers will need to prove they already paying for television service through Comcast or Verizon in order to access the content on the Xbox 360. If this turns out to be true, this Xbox 360 television initiative won’t be as groundbreaking as we once believed.

What’s the point in accessing television content on your Xbox 360 if you can already get the same content without the Xbox 360?

Via [Bloomberg]

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  • nk86

    No way am I going back to paying Comcast. If MS requires a subscription with a cable operator it, I'll just get a Roku and forget the Xbox.