Submit to Portal 2’s Peer Review DLC on October 4, 2011

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Portal 2

You know what I just realized? Something’s missing. Let’s see, I have my purse. I have my cell phone. I remembered to lock the door before I left the house. Oh wait, I remember! I seem to be missing the free Portal 2 DLC pack that Valve promised would be coming for anyone with the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows or Mac version of the game!

Well, it’s been found now. Valve’s calling it Peer Review, and it will make sure everyone can play it next week on October 4, 2011. After it’s installed, you can go through the Challenge Mode on your own, try to find a spot on the new online leaderboards, or go grab a friend to play through either the challenge mode or the new co-op adventure. It turns out, GLaDOS needs to do some more testing, which means Atlas and P-Body have to step it up!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how to survive four more days without Peer Review. Well, Valve has you covered once again. The Thinking with Portals website‘s music section has been updated again with Songs to Test By: Volume Three. So you have 24 new songs from Portal 2 to listen to this weekend!

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