Sony, please don’t make us buy Vita memory cards

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Army Corps of Hell Today brought a tiny bit of controversy regarding the PlayStation Vita. Square Enix released box art for its upcoming Vita game Army Corps of Hell that suspiciously contained a logo that said a memory card would be required to play the game. Square Enix then released another depiction of the box art that didn’t show the memory card requirement. Square Enix says Army Corps of Hell won’t need a memory card after all, but just knowing the original box art once existed is enough to cause concern.

We were led to believe that Vita game cards would be large enough to hold save games and downloadable content. The Vita’s memory cards would be used to store music, movies and other non-essential content on the Vita. Based on those guidelines, memory cards for Vita wouldn’t be a requirement. However, if the original box art for Army Corps of Hell was a taste of things to come, Vita owners will be very upset.

Regular SD cards are inexpensive, but Sony decided to use its own proprietary memory card format for the Vita just like it did with the PSP. The problem is proprietary storage solutions are expensive to customers. I remember paying around $60 for a 512MB Pro Duo memory card for my PSP in 2006. A 32GB memory card for Vita could cost more than $120 based on Google’s currency conversion between the yen and the dollar.

$249.99 is a good price for the Vita. It’s a price that many gamers are happy to pay. If Sony doesn’t want the Vita to start its life on a negative note, it will should drop any thoughts of making memory cards a requirement to play retail games.

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