Ni no Kuni PS3 gets English name and digital spellbook

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Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
Good news people, you now know the correct way to refer to Ni no Kuni PS3 so you don’t have to try and pronounce a Japanese subtitle should you head to your local game store to pre-order it. Level-5 has just dubbed it Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It sounds a bit more menacing and exciting than Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou (Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Sacred White Ashes).

That isn’t the only recent nugget of information dropped by Level-5. The original DS Ni no Kuni was rather famous because of a book that came with it. In order to actually progress through the game, you always needed to have a magical spell book that came bundled with the game nearby, to offer information on how to cast new spells, get past certain monsters and such. Which was, as you can imagine, quite cumbersome for a handheld game. Level-5’s latest, Japanese Ni no Kuni trailer confirms the PS3 version will still make use of this book, but players won’t actually have a physical copy. It’ll be digital and accessible while playing the game.

Here’s the Ni no Kuni PS3 trailer that has two stand-up comedian fairies talking about the DS and PS3 spellbooks,

You can actually see a picture of the PS3 digital spell book after the halfway point, and it looks rather intricate.

Personally, I’d have preferred an actual spell book manual with the PS3 version. Not because it’d be a cool collectible or because I like video game memorabilia (even though I really do), but because it’d probably make it easier to play Ni no Kuni. Don’t you just hate it when you have to constantly be bringing up an in-game manual or map to figure out what you need to do? I fear I’ll have to keep bringing up the digital spell book to be sure Oliver is casting the correct spells.

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