Anomaly Warzone Earth now 50 percent off in App Store

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Anomaly Warzone Earth Anomaly Warzone Earth has gotten an update in the Apple App Store. The game has received the Trinity update which introduces a new mode called Squad Assault Rearmed, graphical enhancements for the iPad 2 and the title now has universal app status.

Among the new and improved graphics for the iPad 2 are glow effects, more animated objects, blur effects and color filters. The HD version is on sale for $1.99. If you have no use for the HD game, you can purchase the regular version of Anomaly Warzone Earth for $0.99.

This game has been out since April on Steam. In case you’ve yet to hear about it, Anomaly Warzone Earth is a tower defense game in reverse. Instead of setting up towers to stop enemies from reaching a destination, you’re controlling the small horde that is trying to break through defenses. You have access to upgrades and items that assist you as you attempt to complete each level’s objective.

iTunes Link [Anomaly Warzone Earth HD] iTunes Link [Anomaly Warzone Earth]

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