Blue is the color of the Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Wii bundle

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Blue Wii Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic GamesEuropeans usually get left out when it comes to video games. They’re passed over when it comes to some game localizations that North America gets and, when they do happen to get a game we already have, it can be up to a year later. Except in the case of a few Wii exclusives like the Another Code, Disaster and Xenoblade releases, Europe usually gets left out. Which is why it’s nice to see Nintendo make the region feel special by offering the European exclusive Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games bundle.

As you can gather, this bundle includes Sega’s next Wii game, the sports mini-game collection Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In it, players help characters from the Mario and Sonic series compete in standard and themed “Dream” events to earn medals and points. It also includes the cheap Wii. The one that’s supposed to use less energy, isn’t compatible with GameCube games and controllers and is only slightly smaller than the current Wii. It’ll be blue, and include a blue Wii Remote Plus controller. It will not include a nunchuk, but will give you a Mario and Sonic sticker sheet if that makes you feel any better.

The bundle will be released in Europe only on November 18, 2011. A price hasn’t been mentioned, but when Nintendo announced the redesigned Wii for Europe at Gamescom 2011, it said that it would be cheapter than the current Wii model. Well, that model costs £129.99 (~$203), so I’m going to guess the redesign will be somewhere around £99.99 (~$156).

Okay, now that the announcement is over, did you notice anything different about this blue Wii? No, not that it’s the new European model with no GameCube compatibility. It’s just referred to as plain old “blue.” It’s not like the DS or 3DS where each color has to have some super special and specific name, which is really quite refreshing! The loss of GameCube backwards compatibility? Not as refreshing.

Of course, you could always look at the bright side. This could be a great Wii to import so you can play the European Wii exclusives like Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories, Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation, Disaster: Day of Crisis, The Last Story, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Episode 1, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Episode 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles. Wow, I guess European gamers did get quite a few good Wii games we never saw here in North America.

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