93,000 Sony Entertainment Network and SOE accounts compromised by multiple log-in attempts

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SEN First things first. The PlayStation Network has not been hacked again. Late Tuesday night. Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer Phillip Reitinger alerted the PlayStation community that tens of thousands of accounts from Sony Entertainment Network (PSN, Music Unlimited, Videos Unlimited) and Sony Online Entertainment were possibly accessed by outsiders. Around 60,000 PSN and SEN accounts and 33,000 Sony Online Entertainment accounts were logged in to by outsiders.

Reitinger said the accounts were accessed using IDs and passwords that were obtained by sites and databases outside of Sony. Once Sony realized there was a massive number of failed login attempts, it locked the affected accounts and emailed users who may have had their accounts accessed. Potentially compromised Sony Online Entertainment accounts have been deactivated temporarily.

One important thing to note is that credit card information has not been affected. If any content was illegally purchased on those accounts, Sony will work with users to get their money back.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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