Japan Import: Lucky Club Nintendo members could win Mario-themed 3DS units

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Club Nintendo Mario Peach Kinoko Mushroom 3DSDo you want one of the coolest and rarest 3DS systems ever made? Well, too bad. You probably can’t get one. That’s because the Mario, Peach and Kinoko systems are only for Japan. Japan’s Club Nintendo members, if you want to get really specific. Those three 3DS units at the right there are part of a just announced Club Nintendo contest that will reward people who buy and register between two and ten 3DS games.

See, Club Nintendo works a little differently in Japan than it does in other regions. In North America, for example, only games published by Nintendo have a Club Nintendo code and can be registered for points. In Japan, all 3DS games have a Club Nintendo code. And for every two games registered between now and January 15, 2012, up to ten, members can earn one entry in the Chotto Mario na Nintendo 3DS Present Campaign.

Once the contest ends, Nintendo will dole out 3,000 of those special 3DSes. Which I guess means they aren’t extraordinarily rare, but they’ll still be quite uncommon. In addition, everyone who buys at least two 3DS games and registers them to enter will receive a copy of 3D Classics: Kid Icarus after December 19, 2011. So at least people will get something for free.

This promotion is only available to Japanese Club Nintendo members. So if you’re in another region, just stare at each of those 3DS systems enviously. Unless you live in another region, but have a Japanese 3DS and Japanese 3DS games and a friend living in Japan who could become a member and redeem your codes for you. Then you could probably participate.

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