Half Price Book’s Black Friday 2011 promotion announced

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Half Price Books Black Friday 2011 adThe Black Friday 2011 ads are just starting to come in, and Half Price Books is among the first. Half Price Books never really has a big sale ad, since the store sells new and used books, CDs, records, DVDs, VHSes and game and each store has a different inventory, but it always has Black Friday promotions. This year, there are two for November 25, 2011.

First, there’s something for everyone willing to line up and be there when the stores open at 7am. The first 100 people to enter the store will receive a Half Price Books tote bag for their books and a gift card. 99 of those gift cards will be for $5, and one random one will be for $100. So if you’re near one when it opens, it may be worth it to line up and grab a bag.

Then, there’s a coupon. People who get this little flyer have a choice. They can either get 40% off the most expensive item they are buying that trip or you can get $15 taken off of a $50 purchase. Either one works out well, especially since you can’t go into a Half Price Books without finding at least one item worth buying. It’s especially easy to find something from the back bargain section.

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