Android 4.0 can turn your phone into a living room console

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Ice Cream Sandwich The rise in smartphone and tablet gaming has led many to believe the days of traditional handhelds created by Sony and Nintendo are numbered. I usually disagree with that assumption because smartphones and tablets lack one major feature – buttons. Virtual joysticks are usually a bad experience, and those third-party attachment nubs don’t make things that much better. With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has given developers the ability to support gamepads that can connect to the phone or tablet via USB.

Imagine playing some kind of RPG such as Symphony of Eternity on a plane, then blowing it up on the big screen once you get home. With Android 4.0, users can also connect their devices to a high definition display. Gamepad support on a HDTV turns Android 4.0 devices consoles that you can always carry with you. The best part is that there are already lots of devices out there that will get upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can also just use a controller to play games on an Android 4.0 tablet as long as you have a stand for it.

Android 4.0, along with powerful processors such as Nvidia’s quad-core Kal-El processor, are definitely turning Android devices into console companions.

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