Sony pushes out one more PSP Entertainment Pack for the holidays

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Cars 2 Sony has not forgotten about the PSP. Even as the February 22 launch of the PlayStation Vita gradually comes closer, Sony wants to have something new available for the holiday season. That’s why it’s coming out with a new PSP Entertainment Pack starring Cars 2: The Video Game and FIFA Soccer 12. The bundle will be on sale November 15 for $159.99. That makes this bundle $10 less than the 3DS.

Inside the bundle will be a black PSP-3000, FIFA 12 on UMD, a voucher to download Cars 2 on PSN and a 2GB memory stick. Cars 2 will also be sold separately on November 8 for $29.99.

Jumping on the PSP right now seems like a bad idea if you consider yourself to be a hardcore gamer. However, we really aren’t the customers Sony is looking to attract. Sony wants holiday shoppers to enter the electronic’s section of a store, look at this PSP bundle compared to the 3DS and make a decision based on price.

I witnessed something like this occur last Friday. A woman wanted to get a PS3 for $249, but the store only $300 and $349 bundles in stock. In the end, the woman decided to get two Wii consoles instead because she’d get more for her money. That’s the type of customer that’s going to buy this bundle.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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