Grand Theft Auto V made official with first trailer coming soon

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GTA V Just a few days after the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar Games plastered the front end of its site with a giant confirmation of Grand Theft Auto V. There are no details about the game right now, but we won’t have to wait much longer. Assuming no information leaks out, the debut trailer for GTA V will be made public on November 2, 2011.

Since this is GTA we’re talking about here, we know the crux of the story will involve a guy that is going to but heads with some of the most notorious criminals in whatever city the game takes place in. Expect guns, tons of vulgarity and a final mission that probably involves performing some death defying stunts.

We’re really looking forward to how GTA V is going to look. When GTA IV came out in 2008, some of its graphics were beautiful at the time. So much has changed since then, so here’s hoping Rockstar does something to blow us away. Then again, when was the last time Rockstar didn’t deliver?

Via [Rockstar Games]

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