Minecraft playable on Xbox 360 at MineCon 2011, on XBLA in 2012

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Minecraft Xbox 360There’s some good news for Minecraft addicts who wish they didn’t have to be chained to their computers just to play the game. The first glimmers of the Xbox 360 incarnation are just around the corner. Mojang’s Markus “Notch” Persson has just confirmed that it will be playable at the first ever MineCon next month in Las Vegas.

Microsoft will be on hand to help Mojang with the event, which will allow all attendees to sample the XBLA incarnation of Minecraft. It seems like it will be identical to the computer versions. Not only that, but it will also use Kinect if you’d like and work with the existing PC version of Minecraft.

As awesome as this news is, there is a tiny downside. Minecraft originally had a Winter 2011 XBLA release window. That’s been pushed back. It won’t be out until sometime in the first few months of 2012. It’s only a minor delay though and I’m sure many of you will be busy with holiday stuff in November and December anyway, so you can survive a winter without Minecraft on your consoles.

I mean, you can always watch the Minecraft Xbox 360 announcement trailer over and over instead.

If the promise of actually trying Minecraft on an Xbox 360 is enough to make you want to attend MineCon 2011, tickets are still available. That’s what happens when it’s $139 to get inside the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas between November 18-19, 2011. At least you’ll also get to see everything and get codes for Scrolls and Cobalt.

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