Battlefield 3 servers are down [Update]

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It seems like every time a popular game with a multiplayer component comes onto the scene, it quickly buckles under the pressure of its community. Battlefield 3 has joined the ranks of online games that have stumbled out of the gate. The official Battlefield 3 Twitter account has informed its adoring public the Battlefield 3 servers for Xbox 360 are down.

Lots of BF3 owners are asking about the problem on Twitter, but variants of the same statement keeps getting made.

“We’re aware of the server issues on the Xbox 360 and are working to correct them as soon as possible,” reads one of the tweets.

Only the Xbox 360 servers are down, so most PC and PS3 owners are still crashing jets into the ground and wondering where that last headshot came from.

From what I can tell, BF3′s multiplayer is really fun when it’s working properly. You have to take a gamble in hoping your EA Origin account doesn’t cause any errors, but other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any other massive widespread problems.

Update: The servers are back up and have been for a while.

Via [Battlefield 3 Twitter]

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  • James Belcher

    Only the Xbox 360 servers are down, so most PC and PS3 owners are still crashing jets into the ground and wondering where that last headshot came from. Way to rub it in… I love the game so far aside from getting booted and several hours of nothing.

  • Ahmed

    I played 4 rounds , and have never been able to finish one, the server went down but It came back, then the same issue again, the session always stop!

  • darr

    Yeah hopefully the servers will be up soon. I played some of the single player when that started and it's pretty cool….but multiplayer rocks!!! AAAARRRRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Yabba Dabba

    I played for almost 5 hours this afternoon. The jets aren't as cool as you think, but maybe because no one else really knew how to fly them.

  • John Denson


  • buuushh

    This sucks CHEAP A##

  • zom

    Yup, pretty sad. Can't even keep your servers running for a whole 24 hours after the release. We've been through the beta, you just made $60 from who knows how many copies sold and you don't have any reliable servers? I complain now as if I shouldn't have known better…. i.e EA and bfbc2

  • Raptor

    I agree. BF2 still is a clear winner in my book

  • TheDouggie

    I've gotten the "failed to connect to EA servers" message 3 times already today on the 360. That and the game is forcing me to use guns that i haven't even earned yet, such as the RPK and SVD, as well as prematurely unlocking attachments for them.. And by forcing me to use them, I mean I can only use those weapons or the basic pump shotty. It kind of ruins the experience, at least for now, not knowing the difference between what I'm truly unlocking and what's just the game bugging out.

  • TheDouggie

    This is even after they tweet "The xbox 360 server issues have been resolved"

  • Aaron Slade

    are you fucking kidding me wow the servers are down and somehow bf2 is better? bf2 sucks my cock compared to bf3 maybe you faggots should l2play instead of crying

  • kitten fr3nzy

    who would have thought…
    oh wait, this was predicted by EVERYONE.

  • Rafael Vazquez

    Same happen to BFBC2. They'll fix it, Chill the fuck out. after the fixed the problems when BFBC2 came out I never had a problem with the server again.



  • Scrambles

    I'm sick of EA not having their servers ready when they release a new online game. It happens with madden every year. It happened with Fifa, and now Battlefield. They add this damn online pass code to steal money from their customers who don't buy the game new, and they can't at least get more powerful servers? Way to show your customers you care even a little bit about the support they give you.


    glad I spent 60 fing dollars on this game when EA cant get their crap together. I want free DLC for this. its maddening. Makes me wanna go play COD instead.