Telltale teams with Gamestop to bring Jurassic Park fans a little gift

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Jurassic park the Game logoWhat’s more fun than being chased by giant hungry dinosaurs? Well probably everything but don’t worry, it’s all contained within the safety of a video game.

Telltale’s newest adventure game, Jurassic Park, is coming out November 15, 2011, for Xbox 360 and they have partnered with Gamestop to give a little gift to their fans.

If you pre-order Jurassic Park from Gamestop stores before and up to the November 15, you can get a free downloadable Jurassic Park T-Rex avatar pet for use with your Xbox Live account.

The little dino is authentically modeled on the design used in the Jurassic Park movie so it will be recognizable to any movie fan. You can distract your Tyrannosaurus Rex with a flare just like Dr. Alan Grant did in the movie or watch her roar and stomp around throwing a little T-Rex tantrum.

Once you pre-order you will be given a downloadable code or, if you order online, the code will be send via emailed. You can use the code right away and there is no need to wait for the game to come. You can also buy the T-Rex from the Xbox Live store if you don’t preorder in time.

Jurassic Park is also coming out on PS3 and PC but you can only get the little T-Rex by pre-ordering the Xbox 360 version.

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