3DS getting demos, paid DLC and an online eShop

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Ice White 3DSThere’s a slew of news for 3DS owners fresh out of Japan. See, the 3DS firmware updates are never just for show or meaningless, like they are for some systems. Each one actually adds new features. The next update is scheduled for November and it turns out some highly anticipated features may start showing up. Satoru Iwata spoke at a financial results meeting and mentioned a number of the things that will be included either with the new firmware or another update coming shortly.

The biggest news has to do with DLC, which will definitely be enabled with November’s 3DS firmware update. Right now, 3DS owners are used to occasionally seeing the little light on the top of their system turn blue to let them know games like Dead or Alive Dimensions or Samurai Warriors Chronicles have new content that was downloaded and installed into them. So we’re getting free DLC. Starting next month, we’ll also be able to head to the eShop and purchase paid DLC for games.

The other 3DS plans probably won’t show up in the next update, but we’ll see them sometime soon. Limited-play demos are definitely arriving in the near future, where companies will be able to have demos of cartridge-based games in the eShop for people to test out. Nintendo also wants people to be able to download games and apps while the 3DS is asleep, and concurrently, so people don’t have to wait as long to play the games they’ve purchased.

Finally, there’s one idea that sounds kind of stupid. Nintendo wants to have the eShop on cellphones and computers. The idea is, people would search the shop on their PC or phone, find something they’d want and take a picture of the QR code in the listing with their 3DS. The 3DS would then automatically go to the eShop on the system so you could buy that game. I think it sounds convoluted. I mean, it’d be much easier just to, you know, open the eShop on your 3DS from the start and not mess with QR codes and such.

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