Subscribe to PlayStation Plus for a year and get Jurassic Park: The Game

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Jurassic Park The Game
That Telltale Games take on Jurassic Park is looking pretty awesome. But $29.99 is a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get it for free? Well, if you own a PS3 there is a way. Sony wants people to upgrade to PlayStation Plus, and is making Jurassic Park: The Game the incentive.

Here’s how it works. A membership for one year of PlayStation Plus is $49.99. If someone is willing to commit to that by November 8, 2011, they can get Jurassic Park for free. It won’t be released until November 15, 2011, but a message will be sent to your PS3 inbox with a code for Jurassic Park: The Game. You have to purchase a full 12 month subscription to get it though. If you already a member, then redeeming the code will add on to your existing membership.

Now, unlike most PSN+ game purchases, Jurassic Park: The Game will be yours to keep even if you decide to stop subscribing to the service after the year is up. You also get to keep free themes, free avatars and any discounted games acquired during the PSN+ membership after it ends. The only things you lose are access to the free games and DLC you’ve acquired while you were a member. You’d need to resubscribe or maintain a subscription to keep playing them.

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