You’ll be able to find Saints Row: Money Shot on PSN

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Saints Row Money Shot
Are you a fan of bullet time? Well, you’ll have an opportunity to find out soon. It turns out THQ never cancelled its Saints Row downloadable spin-off, Saints Row: Money Shot. The game’s just been quietly waiting and going through development and, sometime in the future, will appear on the PlayStation Network for PS3 owners to download.

Saints Row: Money Shot isn’t an open world, Grand Theft Auto style game like the main entries in the series. It’s a shooter/racing/action game. (Honestly, I’m not sure how to classify it.) It instead focuses on an assassin named Cypher who has incredibly advanced weapons that shoot and actually guide the bullet after it leaves the gun so it only hits the target. The goal of the game is to take each mission and guide the bullet through obstacle courses. If you only hit the intended target, you win.

We’ve actually known about Saints Row: Money Shot for a while now. Screenshots, ratings and even supposed achievements showed up online back in August, 2011. Then, it disappeared and word was the project was completely cancelled. While a game where you guide bullets through something of an obstacle course so they reach their intended target may not be for everyone, it’s nice to see the project isn’t dead and will be available for some Saints Row fans to access.

As for price, that’s unsure at the moment. When THQ’s Executive Vice Present of Core Games Danny Bilson spoke to Worth Playing, he said that he was pretty sure Money Shot would be released for free. A free PSN exclusive is always good, especially when the early XBLA Money Shot rumors suggested it would be a 800 Microsoft Point ($10) game.

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