Nintendo Downloads for November 10, 2011

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Nintendo Downloads Weekly Update
Freakyforms 3DSI bet you thought the debut of Freakyforms would herald a second coming of the Nintendo eShop and Wii Shop Channel. That suddenly, the services might become relevant in the light of a new game from Nintendo that was actually being hyped up. Sorry!

The Nintendo downloads are just as bland and plain as usual. That’s even with the potentially interesting Freakyforms and promising strategic RPG Castle Conqueror: Heroes DSiWare game. The update is rounded out with two more titles, a WiiWare exercise game called Step Up and a DSiWare casual strategy game called Bloons: Tower Defense.

Gamertell’s Nintendo Download picks for the week are Castle Conqueror: Heroes (3DS, DSiWare) and Freakyforms (3DS).

3DS eShop

Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive
Price: $6.99
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: So, this is the 3DS eShop app Nintendo has been hyping up for so long. In it, you use blocks and shapes to create creatures called formees and send them out into a customizable world. You can earn goodies, play mini-games and unlock creation challenges. You can also share your formees with other people over StreetPass or using generated QR codes.

Step Up WiiWare


Step Up
Price: 800 Nintendo Points / $8
Genre: Exercise
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: This is an aerobic step workout program designed by GolemLabs, Zoozen and Laval University. You need either a Wii balance board or a regular aerobic step to participate in the exercises.

Virtual Console



(Note: All DSiWare can also be played on the 3DS.)

Bloons TD
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $4.99
Genre: Strategy
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: Balloons will float along tracks through 50 levels, and you have to place towers and monkeys along the way to pop them all so none escape intact.

Castle Conqueror: Heroes
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $4.99
Genre: Strategy RPG
ESRB Rating: “Everyone 10+”
Players: 1
Description: Players are a soldier who has just joined a rebel army that’s attempting to save the Green Planet and its kidnapped citizens from Vilost and his brutal forces. You get nine chapters to go through, in an attempt to save the planet.

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