XSEED’s Corpse Party gets a November release and budget price

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Corpse Party
So, Corpse Party is a good thing. It’s a niche, PSP horror adventure thats a port of a Team GrisGris PC game. Normally, we wouldn’t get this kind of game, but XSEED decided that PSP owners still need some love even though the handheld is pretty much on its deathbed. I guess that makes it appropriate that one of its final games is designed to terrify players. It’s a shame it didn’t make it out in time for Halloween, but a budget price should make amends for that.

When Corpse Party hits the PlayStation Store later this month on November 22, 2011, it will only cost $19.99. Yes, that’s only $20 for a brand new game with tons of text, a good deal of replay value and general awesomeness. Since it is such a hidden gem, it will only be available via PSN so you should probably make sure there’s some room on your memory card for it.

In Corpse Party, players go through a number of chapters trying to help some high school students escape from a haunted school. Honestly, it doesn’t go well. You have to explore, save often and make the informed decisions, because one false step could lead to instant death. Yes, this is one of those games where even the tiniest mistake will give you a grisly game over.

Wow, that makes two really interesting PSP releases in one month! On November 1, 2011, Aksys released Fate/Extra, an RPG inspired by the Fate/Stay Night series and later this month we’ll get this. Yay, us!

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