DC Universe Online trophies can be yours for $15

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PS3 trophies

After a tough week of server problems, Sony Online Entertainment has managed to deploy a fix that brings better stability to the DC Universe Online servers. The weight of new free-to-play users proved to be too much for the servers to handle. Those free users have access to almost all of the things as those that pay, but are limited in terms of character slots, available cash and even trophies. We thought now would be a good time to remind you new players out there that you won’t be unlocking any trophies if you aren’t a Legendary member.

We understand if your first reaction to this is negative. Before you grab the flaming pitchfork and march on SOE, you have to understand why things are this way. The PS3 will not allow trophies to be unlocked for games that are free. DCUO fits firmly into that category. SOE isn’t to blame for this, and the policy is an understandable one in some regards.

Only players who pay for Legendary memberships can unlock trophies. A Legendary subscription costs $14.99 a month. Even if you purchased the game in the past and were granted a Premium membership, you still can’t unlock new trophies without coughing up extra dough.

If you really have your heart set on earning trophies, you could just become a Legendary member for a month and trophy grind. Otherwise, just spend your money on some DLC and escrow expansions.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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  • kazi168

    no trophys…… hmm… they can eat the game…………… was gonna get some dlcs,and premium pass….. but wont have trophys?????? then its same shit as before…… for a game that have very big sound problems…….. can pay for some dlcs…. but that game isnt good enough for more…… no trophys for premium????? NProblem!!!! deleting it.Sony just losed some money from me .