The first Project AM2R demo is out

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AM2R Another Metroid 2 RemakeWhat’s an AM2R? Glad you asked! It’s actually what DoctorM64 refers to the Another Metroid 2 Remake project as. Which makes sense, as it’s much easier to say. Not that it matters after all, as that’s just a temporary name for this fan project which takes a fresh look at the Game Boy Metroid 2 classic with fresh graphics and a little bit of new content.

Right now, AM2R is still in the early stages. However, substantial progress has been made and there’s even something pretty awesome to see. There’s a trailer to watch an a demo to download!

The demo works quite well on Windows PCs, as I’ve given it a shot myself and quite enjoyed it. It’s just the first part of the game, so you can see what you’ll be looking forward to and playing when the whole project is done. It’s free to download at the AM2R site. You may want to grab it sooner, rather than later. Just in case Nintendo decided to get sue-happy or something.

Did I mention it’s pretty? It’s very pretty. Go take a peek and enjoy the warm fuzzies of nostalgia, if you get some spare time later today.

Read [Project AM2R] Via [Siliconera]

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