MinoMonsters will scratch your Pokemon itch on iPhone

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With sales of Nintendo consoles on the decline, some people believe the company should expand into the smartphone and tablet arena. Nintendo has adamantly refused to cooperate with the likes of iOS and Android, and it may turn out to be a big mistake. As of now, we won’t see the likes of Mario, Kirby or Pokemon on the iPhone. However, MinoMonsters is going to attempt to fill the need for a Pokemon experience with its first game that’s also called MinoMonsters. It will be released on December 6 in the Apple App Store for $0.99.

Interestingly enough, the individual that runs MinoMonsters is probably younger than you. Joshua Buckley is only 19 years old, and he’s a tenacious entrepreneur. His company has been backed by several investors who have given $1 million towards his efforts to make MinoMonsters a reality. The overall goal is to build MinoMonsters into a brand. If you use the massive commercialization of Angry Birds as an example, that’s precisely what Buckely wants to do.

MinoMonsters is aiming for an audience of people in their twenties. This age group is made up of those who remember the early days of Pokemon, and crave an updated experience. MinoMonsters will be all about battling your monsters and taking care of them by providing them with food and attention. Two players will also be able to battle each other by simply touching their phones together. A single-player story mode will also be included.

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