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Title: Gemini Rue
Price: $9.99
System(s): PC
Release Date: October 26, 2011 (via Steam)
Publisher (Developer): Wadjeteye Games
ESRB Rating: “Teen” for violence and adult themes.
Pros: Play as two different characters, shoot a gun and kill enemies, unlock tons of achievements, tons of twists and turns to keep you guessing.
Cons: Gun battles can be difficult, the ending might be a bit too open for some.
Overall Score: Two Thumbs up; 94 out of 100; A; * * * * out of 5.

A retired assassin turned detective is out to find his brother who has been thrown into what seems to be a planetary prison/rehab called Center 7. Finding the place will be hard and getting your brother out of there will be even harder. Especially when you uncover the dark secrets.

Futuristic Modernism


Gemini Rue is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in the future on the planet Barracus where society has become nothing more than drug addicts and Mafioso. The planet is run by the ruthless Boryokudan gang which thrives by keeping its people addicted to “juice” (the drug of choice of Barracus).

You play as two different characters: Azriel (whose voice sounds a lot like Alec Baldwin but isn’t), a police detective who use to be a hired hitman of the Boryokudan and a man named Charlie (Delta 6) who is a prisoner in Center 7. At certain times in the game you switch between the two characters and complete different, unrelated tasks with the two.

Azriel is not from Barracus but is there to try to get information about his brother who he believes is in Center 7. We are constantly reminded of his shady past by his partner Kane who is trying to stay out of sight in their spaceship. We know nothing about Charlie because the center erased his memory after a failed escape attempt. All we know about him is what his “friends” in the center tell us as Charlie talks to them. We do find out that he intentionally got his memory erased to help create a map he will need to escape once again. In order for both protaganists to get what they want, they are going to have to talk and interact with people as well as their surroundings.

Even though this is an adventure game, there are action elements. At times you will have to shoot at enemies which you do by hiding behind something (the game does it automatically) and by sneaking out at the right moment to take a shot. You can also initiate head shots by hitting the CTRL button and spacebar at the right moment. The shootouts don’t occur much in the game and you even have some chances to avoid them (and earn achievements for doing so). You can be killed during these shootouts so be careful.

Not Your Typical Noir


I wasn’t fond of the gun battles. The game gives you different difficulty levels and even lets you practice shooting at the Center but, even at the easiest level, I had trouble with the shooting and often had to restart. If I had anything positive to say it would be that the battles added a new spin on the classic adventure game (but I still could have done without it).

Along with being shot, there are other ways to die in this game. For example, there are a couple times when you have to escape or risk being caught and shot by the Boryokudan. There are also several ways you can die in the Center (which I refrain from spoiling). Fortunately, the game always auto-saves right before these events so you can just try again.

Gemini Rue has some real crazy twists in it that you probably won’t see coming (or maybe you will if you’re sharper than me.) There is only one ending to the game but it is worth playing a second time to see if you can catch anything you might have missed.

There are lots of different achievements that add some replay value to the game. Some achievements include finding hidden characters, helping the homeless people on Gemini and even for avoiding unnecessary violence.

I really enjoyed the voice acting in the game and thought the actors did well portraying the characters. The man who played Balder, Charlie’s “friend”, for example, did a nice job portraying progressively insanity. The little music that was in the game – in the hotels and during “emotional” moments – was good at capturing the required emotion.

More Twists Than a Twizzler


The only complaints I have with this game are the gun battles and that you never really find out the truth about some of the characters, including Charlie. Things were sort of left open and unsolved.

Otherwise, I enjoyed Gemini Ru . It was long for an adventure game with about 8 to 10 hours of game play and playing as two seemingly unrelated characters helped.

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