Retailers will stock shelves with two more PlayStation Move bundles

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Everybody Dance bundle

The holiday season is creeping up on us at an alarming rate. We’re already seeing some Black Friday ads appear online, and there are more to come. Spending this year isn’t expected to be spectacular given the state of the economy, but there will be no shortage of options no matter what you’re looking for. Take these two newly announced PlayStation Move bundles for example. Expect to see them in stores next week. One bundle comes with a Move controller, the PlayStation Eye, Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for $99.99. The other is a console bundle.

The second bundle contains everything that’s needed to set up Move and sweat off those holiday pounds. The Everybody Dance bundle will be sold for $299.99. It includes a 320GB PS3, Everybody Dance, Move and the PlayStation Eye.

It would have been nice if two Move controllers were included with these bundles. Games such as Sports Champions definitely benefit from using two controllers. Gladiator Duel doesn’t feel quite right with a single controller and Archery is so much better when you can fully mimic using a bow and arrow. This is still a decent bundle considering it includes two games.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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