Now you can play Skyrim without spiders or spider webs

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Skyrim mod I both hate, and am terrified by spiders. I will never watch the movie Arachnophobia, and am way too jumpy whenever I have to fight spiders in videogames. For some reason, developers insist on making giant spiders a part of fantasy games. This is bad news for people like me, especially if spiders are common enemies. In Skyrim, spiders make an appearance early on and can be found in caves or just walking around outside for some reason. Thanks to a wonderful human being named Luthien Anarion, spiders in Skyrim can be replaced with bears or mudcrabs.

This mod is for the PC version of Skyrim. This is just one of the many advantages open-world Bethesda games on PC have over consoles. The mod does what it can to make Skyrim a less creepy place. It’s by no means a perfect mod. The bears still have low hit detection areas as if they were spiders, and they don’t move as bears do. This is just a quick fix until something more natural can be cooked up. This mod also takes away the giant spider that sometimes appears on the loading screen.

As if that wasn’t good enough, another mod gets rid of spider webs. Those webs usually let you know what lies ahead, but none of that matters with this mod.

I’m starting to get the creeps as I write this, so let’s spread the word about this mod and focus our attention of ponies for the rest of the day.

Via [Skyrim Nexus] Read [Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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